Rasa - Tridosha Facial Serum

Rasa - Tridosha Facial Serum

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Rehydrate, repair, refresh

A lightweight natural tridoshic (all skin types) facial serum based on Ayurvedic principles almost 5000 years old and a blend of 21 highly nourishing herbs, cold pressed moringa oil and other natural oils that aid in strengthening and revitalizing the skin. RASA is sure to provide an extra boost to tired and aging skin by stimulating skin cells.

Handcrafted/Made in Canada

Harmful chemical free, paraben free and animal cruelty free.

Key Ingredients

Turmeric, Brahmi, Moringa


Although this product is designed for use on all skin doshas (β€œtri-dosha), this serum is almost entirely comprised of essential oils, and therefore it’s important to determine what amount of Rasa will best compliment your skin.

PITTA 1 pump, twice/day | VATA 1 pump, twice/day | KAPHA 0.5 pump, twice/day

Step 1. Rinse face with water (and/or Alepa if detoxifying).
Step 2. Gently massage dosha-specified amount of Rasa serum onto (slightly) moist skin, evenly applying in a thin layer using circular motions.
Step 3. Reapply at the end of your day during your nighttime routine or after your Alepa detox.



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