Wholesale Agreement

This Wholesale Agreement (the "Agreement") is between NR Ayurveda Wellness Vancouver Inc. (the "Supplier") and the Wholesale Client. Both parties agree to the terms and conditions outlined below:

  1. Wholesale Relationship:
    a. The Supplier agrees to provide wholesale products to the Wholesale Client.
    b. The Wholesale Client agrees to purchase and resell the Supplier's products exclusively for the purpose of resale within their Business. Wholesale Client may also use products for business purposes such as massage therapy.

  2. Ordering and Pricing:
    a. The Wholesale Client shall place orders for products by providing a written purchase order, email, or through the Supplier's designated ordering system.
    b. Pricing for wholesale products is indicated on supplier's ordering system.

  3. Minimum Order Requirements:
    a. The Wholesale Client shall adhere to any minimum order requirements set by the Supplier, if applicable.
    b. The Supplier reserves the right to modify minimum order requirements with reasonable notice.

  4. Payment Terms:
    a. The Wholesale Client shall make payment for orders based on the payment terms agreed upon by both parties.

  5. Shipping and Delivery:
    a. The Supplier shall arrange for shipping and delivery of products to the Wholesale Client's designated address.
    b. The Wholesale Client shall bear the responsibility for any applicable shipping fees, taxes, customs duties, or other related charges.

  6. Product Quality and Returns:
    a. The Supplier shall ensure that products delivered to the Wholesale Client meet the agreed-upon quality standards and are free from defects.
    b. In the event of defective or damaged products, the Wholesale Client shall notify the Supplier within a reasonable timeframe of 30 days to arrange for replacements or returns.

  7. Marketing and Branding:
    a. The Wholesale Client shall promote and market the Supplier's products in a manner consistent with the Supplier's branding guidelines, if provided.
    b. The Wholesale Client shall not engage in any activities that may harm the reputation or goodwill of the Supplier's brand.

  8. Sales Channel Restrictions:
    a. The Wholesale Client agrees that they shall not resell the Supplier's products on any third-party online marketplaces, including but not limited to Amazon unless agreed upon by both parties.
    b. Violation of this provision may result in the termination of the wholesale relationship.

  9. Confidentiality:
    a. Both parties agree to treat any confidential information shared during the course of this agreement with strict confidentiality and not disclose it to any third parties without prior written consent.

  10. Termination:
    a. Either party may terminate this Agreement upon written notice to the other party, provided that all pending orders and payment obligations are fulfilled.
    b. The Supplier reserves the right to suspend or terminate the wholesale relationship if the Wholesale Client violates any terms of this Agreement.

  11. Governing Law and Jurisdiction:
    This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Canada. Any disputes arising from this Agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Canada.