Cleanse the ears to pacify Vata

Cleanse the ears to pacify Vata

How To

cleanse the ears, organ of hearing

Karna purna is the Ayurvedic practice for ears, part of Dinacharya, the daily routines, connected to the space element. This self care routine is great to pacify the space element. If you’re getting signs of feeling spacey, confused, too many thoughts in the mind or indecisiveness, sensitivity hearing, or having trouble sleeping, this practice will surely help. It's also wonderful to do if there's any signs of loss of hearing, air pressure in the ears, or tinnitus.

Try it for yourself and let us know how it goes.

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Why cleanse the five senses?

Ayurveda recognizes the relation of the five elements (space, air, fire, water, earth) in us to the five senses. The five senses allow us to experience the world in our own unique way. The sense organs carry information to the mind as perceived to their best ability. By keeping the sense organs clean, pure, and healthy we can have better perception of life and allow rest to the mind. We overuse our eyes, ears, tongue, touch, nose through the many stimulants around us daily. The Ayurvedic daily routines called Dinacharya, give our senses a break, therefore allowing deep rest and detox on a daily basis, preventing disease and illness.