Ayurvedic Food Charts

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An Ayurvedic Diet

A simple way to understand how to chose the right foods for yourself is to first recognize that food is one of the main sources of prana (energy) meaning the purpose of food is to gain positive energy to support our body and mind. Choosing foods that add qualities the body is lacking helps to compensate for the qualities we are missing or don't have enough of. This is why Ayurveda suggests a customized approach to each person. I.e. If a person is experiencing dry skin, constipation and difficulty sleeping this would signal to qualities of dry, airy, mobile, cold from the list of 20 gunas from the Ayurvedic text. Like increases like, so once you identify the qualities of your imbalance, you may chose foods that will provide you with the opposite qualities. With the previous example it would be suggested to have moist, hydrating, warming, cooked, grounding foods. I.e. Foods such as sweet potato, pumpkin cooked in soups, stews and easily digestible forms with spices creating a warming effect such as cumin, coriander, mustard seeds and so on.

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Vata contributes to a thin body frame, light in weight, long bones or small in size, fine curly hair, small, thin or irregular features and tends to have dry or rough skin. Mentally, it brings a natural connection to the space element resulting in creativity and sensitivity. The air element brings the mobility and quickness in action and thought. Vata loves to explore!

The digestive fire (agni) is on the weaker side and when imbalanced tends to easily feel gassy and constipated.


Pitta dosha often has a balanced medium size body type with a combination of dry and oily skin, sharp features, colored eyes and straight hair, hot in temperature phsycally and mentally. Red or blonde hair, freckled skin and a strong decisive mind are all easy signs of Pitta. Leadership is a natural quality for Pitta and it's always ready for a challenge or adventure.

The digestive fire (agni) is on the stronger side and when imbalanced tends to easily feel inflammation, acid reflux, heart burn and/or diarrhea.


Kapha is strong, heavy and slow when it comes to body and mind. Large body frame, thick wavy hair, oily or damp skin, large features and a compassionate heart. Long lasting memory, strong faith and loyalty are good signs of Kapha along with stability and grounding. Kapha brings a natural desire for routine, comfort and family. Kapha types are wonderful story tellers!

The digestive fire (agni) is on the slower side and when imbalanced tends to easily feel bloated, sluggish, and produce excess mucus and phlegm.

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