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What to expect from a consultation?

A private online consultation will educate you about your individual dosha (constitution) and assist you in obtaining balance and harmony with the laws of nature.

The 60-minute online consultation will include:

1. Detailed intake and assessment
2. Introduction to Ayurveda and your dosha (constitution)
3. Diet and lifestyle plan
4. Herbs and spice recommendations
5. Panchakarma body-work therapy plan


Beautiful healing treatments, great health consultation with a list of meaningful suggestions and high quality organic supplements. The space is warm and inviting.

Sheena Lee Gibson

I had an amazing Consultation with a Vaidya, she has such a lovely presence. I instantly felt comfortable sharing why I was there and I'm so glad I consulted her. She and the technicals here have helped me on my journey of healing.

Bhairvi Satyapanthi

Jasmeet Singh Dhami, BAMS

Ayurvedic Vaidya (Practitioner)

With a Bachelors in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery and certificate in Naadi Pariksha Jasmeet has been practicing in India for over eight years. He is a senior Ayurveda and Panchakarma consultant with strong clinical experience. He has also made an impact as the former Senior Doctor at Sri Sri Tattva and as the former Ayurveda Medical Officer for the Government of Punjab.
He specializes in diagnosis through remote online consults as well as nadi (pulse) and through years of his clinical experience his passion lies in helping people through Ayurvedic assessments and administrating Panchakarma programs. He is extremely result focused and works compassionately along with his clients’ needs to bring positive transformation and healing.

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Amita Sharma, BAMS

Ayurvedic Vaidya (Practitioner)

Amita completed her graduation as a Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery in India with gold medal distinction from Guru Ravidas Ayurved University in Punjab. With over 6 years of clinical experience, she lives her life fully immersed in Ayurveda wether it is for her own family and upbringing of her toddler, or ensuring her clients find the best of care and effective results through Ayurveda. In addition to her Bachelors degree, she has completed a one year certificate at the gynaecology department in Patiala and served as the former Ayurvedic Medical Officer at the Government of Himachal Pradesh for 3 years. Ayurveda is Amita’s passion and comes to her as a natural gift.

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