Feeling Hot ? Keep Your Pitta Calm

Feeling Hot ? Keep Your Pitta Calm

Feeling hot 🔥 ?

Here's some tips to keep your Pitta (fire element) calm...

Pitta = Fire & Water

Pitta dosha consist of the qualities of mostly fire and some water. This makes the nature of Pitta: hot, clear, medium in weight, combination of dry and oily, sharp yet potential of soft and smooth given the element of water. High pitta can lead to increased anger and frustration, heat in the body and head, burning in the eyes, acid reflux or loose stools, skin irritations, inflammation or redness, itchiness, headaches, nausea, burning sensations.

Here's how to keep it in check ...

Drink cool water

to stay hydrated (not ice water but naturally cooled water through copper or silver vessels are known to have the best effects)

Wash your eyes

with cold water multiple time through the day. Instead of splashing your eyes, try using an eye wash cup or cupping some water in your palm and dipping your eye into your palm and blink 5 times with the eye dipped in water, repeat on both sides. Then spray your face and eyes with rose water.

Prefer cooling and hydrating foods

that can help calm the strong agni (digestive fire). Favour bitter, sweet, and astringent tastes. I.e. Cucumbers, coconuts, mild and cooling herbs and spices like mint, fennel, coriander.

Cold compress on stomach

with a cotton cloth soaked in cool water from the tap and place it on your stomach (over the navel) for 10 minutes during the hottest part of the day.

Use pitta oil

to massage on your head and body to reduce heat and inflammation.


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