Healthy and Strong Knees. Tips, Tricks, and Remedies!

Healthy and Strong Knees. Tips, Tricks, and Remedies!

Joints play a vital role in our overall well-being, especially the knee joint. Our knees provide accessibility and allow us to experience the world around us though movement, this is profoundly appreciated as one ages to keep a healthy lifestyle. A simple known fact that we take for granted until and unless there is an obstruction.

There are many different causes for joint pain including but not limited to: stress, obesity, genetics, weak immunity, arthritis, overexertion and injuries. Joint pain can range from mild seldom aches to more debilitating levels and can significantly impact the quality of our life. For many, the natural tendency when experiencing this pain is to rely on pain killers, steroid injections, or surgery. Each one of these options yield a range of potential side effects.

However, there is an alternative option known as Ayurveda. This ancient and holistic medical science from India offers simple yet effective remedies for mild to severe cases of joint pains, including treatment for the knee joints. This joint is called tibiofemoral which is a synovial hinge joint formed between three bones in the knee area: the femur, tibia, and patella.

One of the treatments offered is called Janu Basti, a warm oil treatment for the knees suffering from injuries, pain, inflammation, arthritis, etc. By bathing the knee in healing herbal Ayurvedic oils over a period of time, the Janu Basti treatment reduces inflammation, nourishes the joints, and releases pain/injury trauma. Through this holistic treatment, an Ayurvedic Vaidya (B.A.M.S. practitioner) will provide clients with medicated herbal Ayurvedic oils for self-massage and offer suggestions for diet/lifestyle changes thereby preventing further injury while also sustaining the health of joints.

More about Janu (Knee) Basti Treatment

The warm medicated oils seep through the 7 layers of the skin and nourish the muscles, tissues, and bones. The healing properties of these herbal oils purify the blood, release accumulated toxins, lubricate the joints, and stimulate the nerves. This treatment releases pain and trauma while strengthening the muscular tissue and ligaments.

“It’s the first time I feel that something really helped me heal my knee pain. I felt a magical relief from the constant pain.”
- Cristine (Ballet dancer with a knee injury)

At Our Sister Clinic, Ayurveda Vancouver

All Ayurvedic treatments are given in a silent space by therapists ardently rooted in meditation and yoga. A key aspect in healing individuals experiencing these treatments comes from the deep rest that our practitioners provide physically, mentally, and emotionally. Ayurveda is cemented in the principle that when our mind and body experience true rest and relaxation, it allows our body the space to heal more easily. Practitioners at Ayurveda Vancouver use high-quality Ayurvedic oil formulas that are specifically designed to relieve joint pain. These oils calm Vata (space and air elements) which is responsible for dryness and excess space; when this is experienced in our joints it results in discomfort and aches. Without appropriate lubrication many people experience unease, cracking, and restricted flexibility, issues that can be addressed through the use of these particular oils. The ingredients are nourishing, soothing, and aid in fostering comfortable movement and function of the joints.

For additional support or to inquire more about the Janu Basti Treatment, reach out to one of our experts at Ayurveda Vancouver.

Home Remedies

Application of Ayurvedic herbal medicated oil helps prevent further damage and encourages ongoing restoration of the joint:

Massage with Mahanarayana Oil at night before going to bed.

  • Warm up Mahanarayana oil by running under hot water and massage in circular motion one teaspoon of oil onto each knee or any joint where there is discomfort. 
  • Cover massaged area to protect from any cold or wind.
  • Practice daily for best results.
  • Once a week you may also soak in a warm bath or steam the effected area 20 minutes after applying the oil. 

Practicing Yoga helps reduce stress and tension and encourage daily movement of all the joints:

    • Rotate the shoulders 5 times in both directions.
    • Open and close your fists 5 times, rotate in both directions.
    • Press both hands together, in Namaste position, hold for 10 seconds, clap 10 times.
    • Shake your hands vigorously for 10 seconds.
    • Keep your head in place and rotate the hips 5 times in both directions.
    • Bring the feet together, place your hands on the knees, bend the knees and rotate 5 times in both directions.
    • Rotate your ankles one at a time in both directions 5 times.
    • Kick out gently from the knees, one leg at a time and then swing the whole leg from the hip joint.