Copper Tongue Scraper - Heavy
Copper Tongue Scraper - Heavy
Copper Tongue Scraper - Heavy
Copper Tongue Scraper - Heavy
Copper Tongue Scraper - Heavy
Copper Tongue Scraper - Heavy
Copper Tongue Scraper - Heavy
Copper Tongue Scraper - Heavy
Copper Tongue Scraper - Heavy
Copper Tongue Scraper - Heavy

Copper Tongue Scraper - Heavy

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Tongue scraping is one of the main Dinacharya/ Daily routines in Ayurveda. This daily practice helps to clear toxins, bacteria and dead skin from the tongue, removes bad breath, stimulates digestion and support general health by the daily removal of accumulated toxins (Ama).

Pure Unalloyed Copper

Advantages of Copper

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti- bacterial
  • Aids with digestion
  • Breaks down fat and supports weight loss

Discover the ultimate in oral hygiene with our Ayurveda Copper Tongue Scraper. Crafted from pure copper, this ancient Ayurvedic tool offers a natural and effective way to cleanse your tongue, remove toxins, and enhance your overall oral health. Experience the refreshing benefits of a clean tongue and the age-old wisdom of Ayurveda in a single, easy-to-use instrument. Elevate your daily routine with the antimicrobial properties of copper for a healthier mouth and fresher breath.

Key Features:

1. Authentic Ayurvedic Practice: Derived from centuries of Ayurvedic tradition, tongue scraping is renowned for promoting overall health by removing toxins and bacteria that accumulate on the tongue.

2. Pure Copper Construction: Our tongue scraper is expertly fashioned from pure copper, celebrated for its natural antimicrobial properties. This ensures a clean, bacteria-free surface and supports optimal oral hygiene.

3. Enhanced Oral Hygiene: By gently scraping away the buildup on your tongue, you not only combat bad breath but also assist in preventing plaque formation, maintaining healthier gums, and promoting a cleaner mouth.

4. Easy to Use: The ergonomic design of the Ayurveda Copper Tongue Scraper guarantees comfortable handling and efficient tongue cleansing. It's a hassle-free addition to your morning routine for a refreshed start to your day.

5. Wellness Beyond Oral Care: According to Ayurveda, tongue scraping can influence overall wellness by helping to balance energies within the body. Experience the synergy of tradition and modernity in one versatile tool.

6. Sustainable and Durable: Crafted to last, our copper tongue scraper is a sustainable choice that reduces the need for disposable alternatives. It's an investment in both your health and the environment.

Elevate your self-care journey with the Ayurveda Copper Tongue Scraper and embark on a path towards a healthier mouth, enhanced well-being, and a connection to the timeless practices of Ayurvedic wisdom.

Copper darkens with age. Watch this video for all information.


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Always a great selection of products that I struggle to find elsewhere.

Tina Master
Ottawa, ON

This is the 2nd order i've received from you (maybe 3rd) - just wanted to thank you for packing everything so well, making sure the order is complete and overall making the whole online experience problem free. It's great to see a business running so smoothly and i couldn't be happier to be one of your customers!

Barb Dennis
North Vancouver, BC

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