Allergy Farmacy Kit: Copper Neti Pot and Nasal Oil

Allergy Farmacy Kit: Copper Neti Pot and Nasal Oil

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Copper Neti Pot (300 ml capacity) + Anu Tailam Nasal Drops (30 ml).

Used to relieve allergies and cleanse the nasal passage.


  • Cleanses the nasal lining and passage relieving allergy symptoms
  • Cleanses the sinuses and prevents diseases
  • Strengthens the voice
  • Improves vision and clarity
  • Enhances proper functioning of all senses and intelligence
  • Lifts fogginess from the brain

100% Pure Copper - Hand Made

Advantages of Copper

  • Anti-inflammatory to support inflamed joints
  • Anti- bacterial
  • Aids with digestion
  • Breaks down fat and supports weight loss



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