Eye Care Essentials Kit
Eye Care Essentials Kit
Eye Care Essentials Kit
Eye Care Essentials Kit
Eye Care Essentials Kit

Eye Care Essentials Kit

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How To...cleanse the eyes, organ of sight

Caring for the eyes is part of Dinacharya, the daily routines of cleansing the 5 sense organs. Heres how to care for the eyes, the Ayurveda way. Ayurveda recognizes that eyes are related to the fire element. The fire element tends to dry and also heat everything up. So it’s important to learn how to cool down the eyes and prevent them from drying out. Daily care of the eyes helps improve eye sight, reduce strain, improve perception and observation and keep the pitta calm. It also helps relieve headaches due to pitta (excess heat in the body) and nourish the nervous system through the close connection between eyeballs and the brain. It is also especially good for those who spend long hours on the computer.

Indications of this practice include: eye tension, weak eyesight, both mechanical and perception, dryness, irritation, redness, burning in eyes. However, even if you don't have these symptoms, Ayurvedic eye care is suggested as a preventative routine part of daily self care.

See video below to learn how to cleanse the eyes using this kit.

In this Kit

  • Ghee - Grass-fed & Organic (400g)
  • Rose Water - Organic (118 ml)
  • Eye Wash Cups (Pair, 2 quantity)


Ghee is highly prized in Ayurveda for its ability to nourish and lubricate all the tissues of the body, and it is considered to be the essence of milk, and thereby the essence of motherly love. It is said to nourish the body and intellect, down to the very core of your being! Ghee is a beloved healthy fat known to kindle digestion and support a balanced and robust metabolism. It is also used topically on the face, hands, feet, lips, and nails as a silky and gentle natural moisturizer. With its high smoke point, it is ideal for sautéing, frying, and baking and can be a delicious alternative to butter and other oils.
Naturally lactose, whey, gluten, and casein-free.

Rose Water

100% Organic Natural Moroccan Rosewater (pH Toner) + Mist Top. Leven Rose Moroccan Rosewater is the daily beauty treatment that your skin has been missing! 100% pure and natural, harness the power of rose petals as a natural pH toner and organic calming aroma. Apply a few drops to a cotton ball, and smooth over skin after cleansing. Apply to hair after washing too. Apply as a natural mist for calming irritated and red prone skin. Also used to spray onto cotton eye pads and leave on eyes for a cooling and calming effect.

Eye Wash Cups

This eye wash cup fits comfortably and helps to refresh and clean tired and red eyes reducing pitta (fire element)

Easy cleaning
Fits comfortably over your eye
One Size Fits Most
No Leak Design
Cup rim forms a tight seal to prevent any leaking during washing

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Always a great selection of products that I struggle to find elsewhere.

Tina Master
Ottawa, ON

This is the 2nd order i've received from you (maybe 3rd) - just wanted to thank you for packing everything so well, making sure the order is complete and overall making the whole online experience problem free. It's great to see a business running so smoothly and i couldn't be happier to be one of your customers!

Barb Dennis
North Vancouver, BC

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